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Member Benefits

Join BBake to discover, try, buy and create your favourite music experience.
All members get a free music gift and can protect the environment by buying music.
Learn more about how buying music protects the environment here.

Artists and Music Seekers can sign up to the BBake Community for free and soon, Venues, Promoters and other small businesses that support artists will be able to sign up and join the fun too.

Music Seekers - How do we help you?

Tell us where you hang-out and we will aim to bring music to your local area.

Artists - How do we help you?

You can post photos, tracks, videos and gig information and other information such as your artistic influences to help the BBake community get to know you.

Venues and Promoters - How do we help you?

Soon, small businesses that support artists will be able to profile their services and gigs with videos, photos and other information.

Sign up to BBake and begin to get the music you want today.

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